Stockholm Waterfront 20-21 november 2017

Gabriela Guibourg Head of Financial Infrastructure, Sveriges Riksbank

Gabriela Guibourg is an economist graduated from Stockholm University and has worked at the Riksbank since 1997. 1997-2006 she was employed at the Financial Infrastructure Division in the Financial Stability Department. The focus of her work was the analysis of the retail payment market. She also contributed to develop a general methodology for the Riksbank’s oversight work with regard to financial infrastructure.

During 2006 she worked with her PhD thesis Riksbank’s research division which also concerned payment related issues. In 2007 she switched to the Applied Research Division in the Monetary Policy Department where she worked with macroeconomic analysis and monetary policy related issues. In that capacity she contributed to develop the report for the evaluation of monetary policy that the Riksbank presents annually to the Swedish Parliament. In 2011 she became Head of the Applied Research Division. In April 2017 she returned to the analysis of payment issues when she became Head of the Financial Infrastructure Division.

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