Stockholm Waterfront 20-21 november 2017

Tisdag 21 Nov
Nordic Domain Days – Day 2 Arrangör IIS

Nordic Domain Days is a domain industry event with a focus on the communication between registry, registrars, reseller and service provider, mainly in the nordic region but with an international reach. Meet and network with your peers, hang out with some of the greatest minds from around the industry and listen to engaging speakers talking about the current key issues of the domain name business.

During our two days they will touch on subjects such as the nordic domain name markets, the secondary uses of domain names, the potential second round of new GTLDs, GDPR and much more.

All presentations from both days can be found here.

Hashtagg: #NDD17

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  • Sue Gardner

    I år välkomnar vi Sue Gardner till Stockholm Waterfront. Hon är specialrådgivare till Wikimedia Foundation, den ideella organisation som driver Wikipedia. Mellan 2007 och 2014 var hon dess vd och hon har även utsetts av Forbes magazine till en av världens 100 mäktigaste kvinnor. Läs mer

  • Kentaro Toyama

    Kan verkligen bärbara datorer och mobiler leda till social förändring? I sin bok Geek Heresy har Kentaro Toyama dissekerat åsikten att tekniken ska rädda världen. Hör honom berätta varför människor är effektivare än prylar. Läs mer

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Domain and DNS abuse Läs mer

As with any business and technology, domain names and DNS are sometimes used in an abusive manor. This is a well-known fact which is no subject of debate. However, how domain names and the DNS-system are being abused is ever changing making it hard to keep up and protect yourself, your business and your interests. To get a handle on this we invite you to listen to an educational story from experts in the field. It's a scary tale for sure.

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Internet Content Responsibility Läs mer

In this day and age, you could say that the internet of today mainly consists of infrastructure, services, people and content. Most would agree that the internet service providers is responsible for the infrastructure, that the service provider is responsible for the services and that people, in most cases, are responsible for their own actions. But, who is responsible for the content. Many would argue that it’s the author but what happens when no such individual can be identified? Are the service providers responsible for content that others write, put and host on their platform? Is the internet service provider responsible for the content flowing through their infrastructure? Are the top-level domain names responsible for the content hosted on a domain name in their zone? Who is responsible for internet content?

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  • Primavera de Filippi

    Primavera De Filippi är en internationellt erkänd auktoritet på rättsliga utmaningar och möjligheter med decentraliserade nätbaserade tekniska lösningar, med särskilt fokus på blockkedjeteknik som Bitcoin. Läs mer

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GDPR, in practice Läs mer

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is something that is on every service providers mind in one way or another. It’s a phenomenon that has spawned a multitude of professional careers, job titles and consultancies. But what does it mean for registries, registrars and service providers? What, in practice, do we all need to do to comply? How do we make sure that we are not to be slapped with a company and career-ending fine?


  • Thomas Rickert   Director Names & Numbers Forum

    Lawyer Thomas Rickert is the Managing Partner of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (, which specializes in the legal issues of the digital economy. Läs mer

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Domain name tools and utilities Läs mer

As long as domain names have been around there has been tools and utilities to further the use of DNS, check that a domain name is set up properly and is doing its job. Many of these tools have passed their expire date and have made an exit. But, what is out there right now? Are there tools for staying private? What tools do I use to check the health of a domain name? Are we as a service provider doing everything we can to make sure that our end users get the best possible service out of their domain name? What is state of the art tools for domain names and DNS?


  • Ivan Ristic   Founder, Hardenize

    Ivan Ristić is a security researcher, engineer, and author dedicated to improving computer security, one problem at a time. Previously, he built ModSecurity and SSL Labs, and wrote Bulletproof SSL and TLS. His latest project, Hardenize, is a security posture analysis service that combines technical quality with ease of use and fun. Läs mer