Anders Widgren CTO, Aifloo

Anders Widgren is a serial inventor and entrepreneur with a long perspective on embedded system development. His passion for analogue and digital electronics and programming started as a hobby during the second half of the 70’s. Anders studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. While still in high-school he started developing and selling embedded products.

During the 90s he was an assistive technology pioneer and developed a variety of smart wireless products for people with disabilities. A couple of years later he begun to develop mathematical algorithms or artificial intelligence for banks and large hedge funds. During development he realized that by combining neuro-science and mathematics, he could develop systems that would improve over time and become self-learning. Since then Anders has been CTO or CEO at a number of technology start-ups, several of which he has founded or co-founded. Since a couple of years Anders is Chairman of the Swedish Inventor organization IPR Forum.

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21 Nov

Infrastructure driving Europe’s Digital Transformation

Disrupting current business models of IoT kl. 14:00 i A1