Farvash Razavi

The chaotic and intuitive is taking form in Farvash Razavi’s work and serves as evidence of the possibilities at hand in our world of science and design.

In mythology, creation begins at an invisible, macro-level and follows through to the grossest state of physical existence. This is reflected in Farvash’s work, which truly begins on a nanoscale level, by the side of cutting edge material scientists, with whom important choices are made for creating the required qualities of the materials that are used to form the final products.

According to Farvash herself, the scale of creation becomes important as all we know is composed of components at various levels; in the scheme of things, we are also modules. Farvash Razavi’s persistent collaboration with scientists, in tandem with her personal understanding and mastering of various visual media, offers the spectator a world of tomorrow in the realms of today

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21 Nov

Creative Technology

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