Hélène Barnekow VD Telia Sverige

Head of Region Sweden and Executive Vice President at Telia Company. Hélène is a change maker with a key role in one of the most interesting and transformative times where Telia Company breaks new ground, innovates and creates services that touches millions and millions. Barnekow brings unique insights and experience from the mobile and IT business, most recently as Head of Group Commercial where she has been crucial in setting the agenda to transform Telia Company to a New Generation Telco.

Before starting at Telia Company, April 2014, Hélène was Head of Worldwide Field & Partner Marketing at EMC in Boston where her hall mark was strong skills in commercial management and marketing, including go-to-market, branding, communications, product management and channel management from the mobile communications and it sector.

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21 Nov

Kickstarta er digitala transformation

Paneldiskussion – Fem experter, fem perspektiv och massor med lärdomar om hur man lyckas med digital transformation kl. 15:30 i BAR5