Henrik Abramowicz Action Line Leader Digital Infrastructure, EIT Digital

Henrik Abramowicz is leading the EIT Digital Infrastructure Action Line. He has extensive experience from the computer and telecom industry with various managerial positions since middle of the seventies. He holds an MSc from Lund University.

Henrik joined Ericsson as product manager in 1976 and worked with packet switching and standardisation of X.25 public data networks. In 1979 he moved to Philips working with communicating word processors and standardisation of Teletex in ITU. He was also involved with the development of OSI. He re-joined Ericsson 1982 contributing to the
development of IEEE 802.3, 4 and 5 standards (Ethernet, Token bus and Token ring).
In 1987 he became Manager for the Systems & Architecture Department, Ericsson Information Systems. He has later worked in a managerial capacity in different positions within the Ericsson Group and 1996 he became General Manager for the Wireless LAN business unit within Ericsson.

Since 2002, Henrik Abramowicz has been involved in research and managed several EU projects and also chaired the Coordinating Team of the Wireless World Initiative with some 700 researchers. Furthermore Henrik Abramowicz has been chairing the EU cluster on Future Internet and has been one of the caretakers for the Future Internet Assembly
in Europe.

Henrik Abramowicz is one of the editors and authors of the book 4WARD – Architecture and Design for the Future Internet that was released in February 2011. His last responsibility at Ericsson was managing Ericsson’s research collaborations in Europe for the 5G mobile network.

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