Lars Jernbäcker Growth Director, Traffic Management, Saab

Since leaving the Swedish Airforce in 1990, Lars Jernbäcker has enjoyed a long career with many different roles at Saab; including Director, Growth Manager Traffic Management, Director Business Development and Business Support at SDS, Vice President and Head of strategy and Business Development Saab Security Solutions and Manager of Civil Security at Aerotech Telub AB.

In 2005, he was given the task to develop and establish Saab’s Civil Security business from the GMT. At that time, Saab had a turnover of 400 MSEK in that area. Now the turnover is 2.5 BSEK in the domain Civil Security as defined by Saab. Lars has a wide personal network within both in Saab but also with the customers foremost in the civil area but also in Europe through his work in EOS and ASD in Brussels.

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