Markku Kutvonen Director for External R&D Collaboration, F-Secure Corporation

Markku Kutvonen has been in the software industry for almost 30 years. He started as a programmer for medical devices with embedded systems and after that moving to F-Secure in antivirus technologies. Since 2002 he has been in continuously growing leadership roles in R&D, two last ones being the Director of R&D in antivirus technologies (Helsinki) and Director of Digital Content R&D in Bordeaux, France.

He has run two large agile transformations and has wide knowledge on Lean principles, practices and business development in the software industry. Currently Markku is leading activities related to external partnerships and European Union collaboration and is interested in patterns on corporate strategy, privacy and business development.

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21 Nov

Infrastructure driving Europe’s Digital Transformation

European Trusted Cloud – Secure and robust storage of data kl. 10:30 i A1