Martin Törngren Professor, KTH

Martin Törngren has been a Professor in Embedded Control Systems at the Mechatronics division of the KTH Department of Machine Design since 2002. He has particular interest in Cyber-Physical Systems, model based engineering, architectural design, systems integration, and co-design of control applications and embedded systems.

He has authored/co-authored more than 100 peer reviewed publications, and also been in charge of developing and leading graduate and continued education courses. He spent time as a post-doc at the EU-JRC, and did a 10 month sabbatical 2011/12 at UC Berkeley. In 1996 he co-founded the company Fengco Real-time Control AB, specializing in advanced tools for developers of embedded control systems and related consultancy. In 1994 he received the SAAB-Scania award for qualified contributions in distributed control systems, and in 2004 the ITEA achievement award 2004 for contributions in the EAST-EEA project. He served as the technical coordinator of the international iFEST ARTEMIS project with 21 partners (2010-2013).

Networking and multidisciplinary research have been characteristic throughout his career. From 1999-2004 he served as the Chairman of the Swedish real-time systems association, and he has represented KTH as a core partner in the EU networks of excellence in Embedded systems design, Artist2 and ArtistDesign, and in the Artemis industrial association. He is moreover the principal initiator and Director of the Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems (, launched in 2008.

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