Mats Nilsson Director, Ericsson

Mats Nilsson is a well-known industry veteran with more than 25 years of front line experience in mobile communications. As "One of the fathers of 3G" he was deeply engaged in the evolution of mobile communications through positions as Director for Technical Strategy, Vice President for Standards and Industry Relations and lately (2009-2011) Brussels based VP and head of European affairs for Ericsson.

Mr. Nilsson’s track record also includes pivotal achievements in the device and applications aspects of mobile communications through being CEO of the Open Mobile Terminal Platform initiative and as Head of Ericssons Multimedia Portfolio. Now since 2011 with main focus on Cybersecurity issues and leading Ericssons engagements on all issues related to Cybersecurity, including policy, regulation, product offerings and technology leadership. Also engaged in the broader aspect of digital transformation of industries and society.

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21 Nov

Infrastructure driving Europe’s Digital Transformation

European Trusted Cloud – Secure and robust storage of data kl. 10:30 i A1