Program 2011


Challenges with new TLD:s

Plats: Rum C2 plan 2
Datum: 2011-11-21
Tid: 14:00-15:20

[Presentations in English]

This seminar will focus on challenges with new Top level domains. Will Internet hold together in a tehnical sense? What do governments say about the unclear set of rules for names? What about Intellectual property rights in domain names?


Nikke Lindqvist

Toppdomäner och sökmotorer

Lars-Johan Liman

Hur påverkar de nya toppdomänerna rotzonen

Petter Rindforth

Fenix Legal
Dot APPLE –fruit or electronics?
A summary of the current regulations for domain name disputes. The Trademark Clearinghouse – protection list for trademark owners in the new TLDs. How to get on the list and how effective will the system be? Your own TLD – the three steps: 1) Risks and disputes for direct applicants, 2) possibilities to object to someone else new TLD application, 3) How to select sub domains under new TLDs – from a dispute resolution perspective?

Mette M. Andersen

LEGO Juris A/S
How new TLDs affect global brands
A perspective on how ICANN:s new TLDs affect a global brand like the LEGO brand, and possible ways to deal with the new issues.

Maria Häll


Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor Consultancy
Språk: Svenska